DBlog Week: Day 3

Day 3 Topic: Today we’re going to share our most memorable diabetes day. You can take this anywhere…. your or your loved one’s diagnosis, a bad low, a bad high, a big success, any day that you’d like to share.

Most Memorable Diabetes Day….


Hmmm….I put a lot of thought into this and because there are so, so, so many days & events I could choose from I decided to sum it all up into saying that for me, my most memorable diabetes day would be Everyday!

For as long as I can remember, diabetes has been with me…with me while when I was a child, with me when I started school, with me when I went to diabetic camp, with me when I was in the hospital fighting for my life, with me when I learned to ride a bike, with me when I took tests, with me when I had my first boyfriend, with me when I hung out with friends, with me when I drove for the first time, with me when I went to school dances, with me when my sister became diabetic also, with me when I got my first job, with me when I graduated from high school, with me when I went to college, with me when I was pregnant with my babies, with me when my babies took their first steps, with me when I got my home, with me when my babies first went to school, with me while watching my kids participate in school functions, with me while watching my kids participate in sports, with me when my babies were diagnosed, with me through all of my seizures, with me at the grocery store every time I shop for food, with me every time I eat something, with me every time I get low, with me every time I get high, with me while I work, with me while I sleep, with me while I clean my house, with me while I take vacations, with me when I check my children’s blood sugars through the night, with me when I constantly worry about my children, and with me everyday for the rest of my life! Diabetes is a part of me. Diabetes is a part of my children. Diabetes is a part of my family. Diabetes is a part of my Everyday!


DBlog Week: Topic 2….I know I’m late :/

DBlog Week, Topic 2: Recently various petitions have been circulating the Diabetes Online Community, so today let’s pretend to write our own. Tell us who you would write the petition to – a person, an organization, even an object (animate or inanimate) – get creative!! What are you trying to change and what have you experienced that makes you want this change?

So I’m a little late in starting the blog week that I was so looking forward to…but, as you all know, life is hectic at times! I decided to start today but am going to do a little recap and start off with Topic 2, so here goes!

If I could write a petition concerning Diabetes I would most definitely choose to write one about the differences in diabetes types and the need for education to the general public concerning both.

With the recent increase in Type 2 diabetes over the past few years I have noticed a very serious issue unfolding for society. Growing up as a type 1 diabetic I like to think of myself as a self-proclaimed ‘expert’ of sorts on the matter…and I love to discuss my findings/experiences with all the people I can, be they diabetic or not! Years ago when I told people I was a diabetic they usually had no idea what it was and I had to do a quick education session on the type, cause, and ways to care for it. Over the years that has changed significantly. I no longer have to explain what diabetes is, I now have to explain the differences in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. When I mention that I am a diabetic I often hear responses such as…

“Oh, you better not eat that then!”

“So do you take pills or insulin yet?”

“Awww…so is my Grandma, and she had to have her leg amputated. So you better take care of it!”

“Eww…you have to do shots? So sorry it has gotten that bad for you honey! Didn’t you try to fix it before it got to that?’

Or (one of my favorites)…

“Try some cinnamon pills! They worked for my Uncle and now he doesn’t have to use shots anymore!”

Haha 🙂 My, my how things have changed. Now when I mention that I am a diabetic it is immediately assumed that I am a Type 2. Which is understandable, considering Type 2 is primarily the one that is talked about in the media on a wide-scale basis. It is the one that more families can relate to. It is the one that more people hear commercials about. It is the one that more people read articles about. This is not the case for Type 1 diabetes. But, Type 2 is equal to Type 1 diabetes in the fact that it is not educated upon to all the people that ‘know and hear so much about it’….and that is a serious tragedy for not only Type 1s and Type 2s, but also for our world in general!

My petition would be focused on not only discussing treatment options for Type 2 patients in society, but also developing thorough education to all patients with it. I would like to also extend it and include education to the general public which focuses on stressing the differences in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and how they affect patients with it, in their own unique ways. I would ask that in all of the media coverage concerning Type 2 diabetes, there be some general information statement stressing that this is NOT the only type of diabetes and how important it is to learn the differences between them.

I have thought of this before many times and came to the conclusion that society tends to like mysteries…so, if a statement could be made that portrays an aire of mystery and presented to the public on a mainstream basis I feel that more people would want to find out the differences in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes!

My example of a ‘logo’ concerning the petition to educate more people on the differences would be:

“Take the Time to Learn the Types…it just might end up Saving Your Life!”

Could it be a Crappy Complication?..

So for about a year I have had this weird issue with my left hand. It started out only happening when I first woke up…this strange tingling like it was asleep still. But then it progressed into happening every single time I woke up and also, for no reason at all, during the day at random times. I mentioned it to my doctor at my last appointment and he advised that it could be neuropathy because neuropathy occurs all over the body….not just the legs and feet. He said to keep an eye on it and let him know of any changes.

Welllll…it has definitely changed lately, and not in ways I would hope for. It has now progressed to happening all the time throughout my day and with numbness and pain. It feels as though my fingers are swollen and like its hard for me to close my hand into a fist. And the tingling is almost constant at this point.

I feel as though I have been in my shock phase of thinking with this issue for the past month or so. I keep trying to hold onto this idea that it is not a complication and definitely NOT neuropathy because 1) I have never really had a period in my life with T1 that I had constant high blood sugars and 2) neuropathy is only suppose to affect my legs and feet…right?? (No, but for sake of my trying to ‘avoid’ the issue and make excuses, lets say Yes!).

Well, the other night while at work my legs began to hurt and tingle also. This was immediately strange to me because it was not any type of feeling I have ever had in my legs before.

Not muscle cramps.

Not period/musle cramps.

Not growing pains.

Not anything I have even know before in my legs….but in my hand I have known this feeling.

😦 And I was super paniced!

I checked my blood sugar, just to make sure this new body feeling was not related to a low in some way, and was not surprised to find that it was a 326. Yes, super high…and SUPER high for me. But, I knew this was only because I had another severe low before going to work that required glucagon and I also ate when I came to so I figured this was just an overtreatment to that hypoglycemic episode. I did a correction and drank up two bottles of water while I waited for my blood sugar to come back down.

And then I thought, so these feelings in my legs are because of this high? And what if THIS high is the one that brings out the complication that has been bubbling over and waiting patiently to expose its dirty self after all of these years? What if this IS neuropathy? Clearly this awakened me out of my ‘shock’ phase. I thought maybe the tingling and pain of sorts in my legs would subside when my blood sugar came back to normal but no luck. I have actually felt it for two straight days. And sleeping is a total mess. It is SUPER painful!!!

So, yesterday I called the doctor and was able to get an appt today at 11am due to a cancellation. I can’t help but feel this may be God working for me to get ahold of this situation as fast as I possibly can….especially since I have been trying to ignore it for a few months in my hand 😦 .

Okay, okay…so I’m not always an ‘ideal’ diabetic. I do try to be my own doctor of sorts and come up with other possible reasons for symptoms I have sometimes. Usually I resort to foods that I have eaten as being the evil enemy…and most often I am right. But these new symptoms just don’t seem like they are food related. I know darn well they are diabetes related.

For the first time in my whole life with diabetes I feel as though I may not have as much manageablitiy of it as I once liked to think I did. It is definitely being sneaky lately and I feel as though it may have really pulled one over on me…and I don’t like to lose!

Sooooo…hopefully I will get answers today. And I will take on the battle with as much force as I always have! I will prevail and stay healthy, I have to!!

Has anyone else had any of these issues before?

T1D Experience For A Day

Type 1 Diabetes Experience For A Day

The initial purpose of this site was to provide you with information you will need to take the T1D Experience For A Day.  This site will do that but it will also serve to provide high level information about Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) and most importantly how our family deals with this lifelong disease on a daily basis.

Below is the information you need to participate in this experience, as you  take part I challenge you to take to heart and mind how a person with T1D lives day in and day out for the rest of their lives.  Your experience is for a single day….theirs is a lifetime; the intent is not for you to feel sorry for individuals with T1D but to have a much better understanding of what it means to have this disease and how it affects everything they do.  Including but not limited to –…

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They Do See How Much We Fight to Keep Them Alive

I often read about how much of a struggle and fight parents of Type 1 children put up to keep their babies healthy, alive, and happy. I know this same struggle first-hand and I also know the feeling of being a burden of sorts to our kids with all of our constant checks, annoying reminders, and never-ending questions…but it has to be done for them, so we do it without question. I have found myself wondering if my children realize how very much fear I have for their health and well-being because of their diabetes…just as I’m sure other parents have also.

Last year my daughter posted a status to her page and answered my question with supreme clarity. It was such a heart-warming feeling to know that she DOES in fact realize how very much I worry about her and her brother. I just wanted to share her status for all of you fellow Type 1 parents to see…in hopes that you too will know how very much our children appreciate all that we do; even if they don’t show it today, tomorrow, or next week, at some point they do realize it!

So, here it is!

I’ve been sitting here awake for hours not wanting to sleep cause I have a feeling my moms gonna get low and if I fall asleep I won’t be able to treat her.I used to call her crazy when she would tell me she had been up all night doing my blood sugar and making sure I was in range. Me thinking ” if I start to drop I’ll wake up, Theres no need for constant middle-of-the-night checks”….I get it now. I love my mom. 🙂

🙂 And there it is! Hope all of you many parents truly know that your children do appreciate and love you for all of the many, many things you do for them! Keep up the great work and don’t forget….This battle CAN be overcome!

….Oh, and THANK YOU Mom!! ❤ I too realize all you have always done…and you did/do great with keeping me alive & healthy!

It’s Like a Dream…If You Don’t Write It Down in the First 5 Mins it will be Gone

     Tonight I woke up on the couch….well I actually ‘woke’ to a dream-like state. I was trying to figure out the proper way to lay so that I didn’t feel ALL of the sweat at the same time. I actually had a thought that there was a particular way I could lay to avoid the feeling. Madi was sitting right next to me and there were some soft chocolate chip cookies on a small plate sitting on the ottoman beside my meter. She was telling me to wipe off the sweat as she was trying to hand me a handtowel but I kept telling her that it was fine….I honestly felt that I had this ‘under control’…whatever THIS was. Madi started to do my blood sugar and asked me for a finger. I replied with, “It’s probably going to be a little low”.

“I know”, she said, “I just gave you glucagon.”


“Like less than 5 minutes ago.”

“How much?”


For some reason,  I have felt for years that the sickness level I feel after receiving glucagon is directly related to how much I actually receive when I am injected with it. And I have also learned that staying with smaller amounts usually does the trick and doesn’t make me super sick afterwards. So, 25 units sounded good.

Then it hit me….all of a sudden….my thoughts of how I could lay to avoid the sweat that covered my entire body and soaked my clothes were directly related to me being low. And my false feeling of ‘having this under control’ was, in fact, totally false. I did not have this under control. Or did not a little less than five minutes ago at least. My daughter did.

My blood sugar was a 48…and this is AFTER the 25 units of glucagon 5 minutes or so ago.

I immediately got up, went into the kitchen and got myself some soft chocolate chip cookies. They looked so good sitting on the plate in the living room that I had to get myself some…and why not now since I’m a 48!

Madi laughed in the living room and told me that the ones in there were for me…I just didn’t put that together because of my slowed, current, mental state.

I’m standing at the counter eating the cookies and notice that the fresh pineapple on the counter looks like it is needing to be cut…so I start to cut it. I ended up eating a majority of it before the pieces reached the bowl and it tasted so very, very good! I often enjoy how well foods taste while coming back from a low. Am I the only one who notices that?? Even better than the pineapple though was the conversation I had with Madi while she finished loading the dishwasher.

I told her that I should write about my low and all of the thoughts/feelings I was having when I awoke from it. She informed me, in all of her true wisdom that I love so much, that I should write it down really soon because being low like that is ‘like a dream…if you don’t write it down in the first five minutes of waking up then it will be gone’. So, so very true!! 🙂 Such a smart girl! Oh yeah, and kinda crazy that we can share these thoughts about low blood sugars.

I put some pineapple into a bowl for Madi and put it onto the counter beside her. I leaned in towards her, as she is still loading the dishwasher, and kissed her cute cheek…and simply said “Thank You Monkey, for saving my life!”.

She smiled her beautiful smile and did a cute laugh followed by her usual “Yeah”….never knowing or realizing how much of a true Angel she is to me and always has been. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have her for my daughter!

I then realized how wet my clothes were and immediately went to change and clean off…recheck my blood sugar…change the laundry…remind Madi to do her blood sugar and Lantus…and start to brew some tea.

All part of a ‘normal‘ night.

* Madi talked of the point of coming back from a low as being ‘like a dream’. In so many ways I would agree. There is the state of not quite knowing what is going on, the mental blurriness, the heightened senses, and the impaired physical vision. But as I thought of all those things and the concept of being in a ‘dream’ state, it occurred to me that dream states can take many forms.

Tonight I was fortunate enough to experience both a bad one…and a good one.

While in the process of cleaning up the pineapple and starting my tea to brew, it occurred to me that my life is like a dream of sorts. I am so very blessed to have it and all aspects of it… some would consider it to be a DREAM!