Could it be a Crappy Complication?..

So for about a year I have had this weird issue with my left hand. It started out only happening when I first woke up…this strange tingling like it was asleep still. But then it progressed into happening every single time I woke up and also, for no reason at all, during the day at random times. I mentioned it to my doctor at my last appointment and he advised that it could be neuropathy because neuropathy occurs all over the body….not just the legs and feet. He said to keep an eye on it and let him know of any changes.

Welllll…it has definitely changed lately, and not in ways I would hope for. It has now progressed to happening all the time throughout my day and with numbness and pain. It feels as though my fingers are swollen and like its hard for me to close my hand into a fist. And the tingling is almost constant at this point.

I feel as though I have been in my shock phase of thinking with this issue for the past month or so. I keep trying to hold onto this idea that it is not a complication and definitely NOT neuropathy because 1) I have never really had a period in my life with T1 that I had constant high blood sugars and 2) neuropathy is only suppose to affect my legs and feet…right?? (No, but for sake of my trying to ‘avoid’ the issue and make excuses, lets say Yes!).

Well, the other night while at work my legs began to hurt and tingle also. This was immediately strange to me because it was not any type of feeling I have ever had in my legs before.

Not muscle cramps.

Not period/musle cramps.

Not growing pains.

Not anything I have even know before in my legs….but in my hand I have known this feeling.

😦 And I was super paniced!

I checked my blood sugar, just to make sure this new body feeling was not related to a low in some way, and was not surprised to find that it was a 326. Yes, super high…and SUPER high for me. But, I knew this was only because I had another severe low before going to work that required glucagon and I also ate when I came to so I figured this was just an overtreatment to that hypoglycemic episode. I did a correction and drank up two bottles of water while I waited for my blood sugar to come back down.

And then I thought, so these feelings in my legs are because of this high? And what if THIS high is the one that brings out the complication that has been bubbling over and waiting patiently to expose its dirty self after all of these years? What if this IS neuropathy? Clearly this awakened me out of my ‘shock’ phase. I thought maybe the tingling and pain of sorts in my legs would subside when my blood sugar came back to normal but no luck. I have actually felt it for two straight days. And sleeping is a total mess. It is SUPER painful!!!

So, yesterday I called the doctor and was able to get an appt today at 11am due to a cancellation. I can’t help but feel this may be God working for me to get ahold of this situation as fast as I possibly can….especially since I have been trying to ignore it for a few months in my hand 😦 .

Okay, okay…so I’m not always an ‘ideal’ diabetic. I do try to be my own doctor of sorts and come up with other possible reasons for symptoms I have sometimes. Usually I resort to foods that I have eaten as being the evil enemy…and most often I am right. But these new symptoms just don’t seem like they are food related. I know darn well they are diabetes related.

For the first time in my whole life with diabetes I feel as though I may not have as much manageablitiy of it as I once liked to think I did. It is definitely being sneaky lately and I feel as though it may have really pulled one over on me…and I don’t like to lose!

Sooooo…hopefully I will get answers today. And I will take on the battle with as much force as I always have! I will prevail and stay healthy, I have to!!

Has anyone else had any of these issues before?


6 thoughts on “Could it be a Crappy Complication?..

  1. a1conceive says:

    Hope all goes well at your appointment today!!

  2. I have had weird sensations in my hands and feet before. Sharp pains that come and go but my doctor didn’t think it was anything to worry about. I do hope you are able to find some answers as to what is going on..

  3. theperfectd says:

    I had tingling and numbness in my hands at times, but my ortho guy said it was part of the tendonitis that I was experiencing. I know it’s often our first thing to think of – diabetes- when we have a health issue. Hope you get an answer soon and that it’s not neuropathy!

    • I am going to ask about maybe tendonitis…not that either one is a good thing! My dr referred me to a neurologist so hopefully that will give me some def answers. Thank you & I hope it’s not neuropathy either!!

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