They Do See How Much We Fight to Keep Them Alive

I often read about how much of a struggle and fight parents of Type 1 children put up to keep their babies healthy, alive, and happy. I know this same struggle first-hand and I also know the feeling of being a burden of sorts to our kids with all of our constant checks, annoying reminders, and never-ending questions…but it has to be done for them, so we do it without question. I have found myself wondering if my children realize how very much fear I have for their health and well-being because of their diabetes…just as I’m sure other parents have also.

Last year my daughter posted a status to her page and answered my question with supreme clarity. It was such a heart-warming feeling to know that she DOES in fact realize how very much I worry about her and her brother. I just wanted to share her status for all of you fellow Type 1 parents to see…in hopes that you too will know how very much our children appreciate all that we do; even if they don’t show it today, tomorrow, or next week, at some point they do realize it!

So, here it is!

I’ve been sitting here awake for hours not wanting to sleep cause I have a feeling my moms gonna get low and if I fall asleep I won’t be able to treat her.I used to call her crazy when she would tell me she had been up all night doing my blood sugar and making sure I was in range. Me thinking ” if I start to drop I’ll wake up, Theres no need for constant middle-of-the-night checks”….I get it now. I love my mom. 🙂

🙂 And there it is! Hope all of you many parents truly know that your children do appreciate and love you for all of the many, many things you do for them! Keep up the great work and don’t forget….This battle CAN be overcome!

….Oh, and THANK YOU Mom!! ❤ I too realize all you have always done…and you did/do great with keeping me alive & healthy!